SS6000 - CDC Console Simulator

I have written a Win32 program that simulates some aspects of the console display of a CDC 6000-Series computer.  The program, SS6000, can act as a screen saver, or as a normal windowed application.

There are two distributions, both of which contain the same program and help file:

SS6000 requires the dynamic link libraries MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL. Most computers will have these DLLs already installed in the SYSTEM (for Win9x) or SYSTEM32 (for WinNT) directory. If your computer lacks one of these files, get them from

This is a setup program which installs these two files. It will not overwrite newer versions of these DLLs.

The real SCOPE/Hustler also runs under Desktop Cyber, but distribution of the deadstart tape is limited due to copyright restrictions.

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Mark Riordan